Environmentally friendly Impregnation of wood

The project of development about modified wood, is a cooperation between Bollerup Jensen and Frøslev Træ, under the name of Preservation Technologies. The project is about the development of a modification method of wood and water glass, which can substitute the traditional pressure impregnation of wood.

The advantage of the modification method is, that we are talking about an environmentally friendly and inexpensive product, where the environmental impact will be reduced in comparison to traditional impregnation of wood.

The modified wood gives you the opportunity for new usability, for example, is it expected that the modified wood can be used indoors, as the product does not contain labeling compulsory chemicals or any other parts that can damage your health.

Apart from this, we are very proud that our solution is patented.

To know and find out more information about our project of development with modified wood, please contact our technical manager:

Technical Manager

Laboratory tests have shown that:

  • There is a significant increase in fire retardancy
  • Up to 50% increased bending- and tensile strength
  • Up to 140% increased hardness