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At Bollerup Jensen, we are very conscious about the environment, and all of our products are eco-friendly. By using our products, you do not put yourself or anyone else in a harmful environment, and at the same time you are sparing the environment pollution caused by outdoor cleaning products. If you are missing products to your wooden- or flagstone patio, you will find them here. We also have a lot of other cleaning products for outdoor use, no matter if it is the green house, the facade, or the concrete floor.

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Great variety of products for the patio

Outdoor areas are exposed to wind and weather, and they, therefore, need to be cleaned, treated, and protected – no matter if the patio is made of flagstones or wood. And when you are going to take care of your outdoor areas, it is a good idea to use products that do not harm the environment or pollute the ground. Bollerup Jensen products are ecofriendly, and at the same time they clean and protect your areas just as well as the traditional products on the market.

Concrete treatment

It is important to strengthen concrete in order to secure and prolong its durability. Bollerup Jensen Concrete Strengthener 405 cleans and strengthens the concrete at the same time, as well as the product being ecofriendly. Concrete Strengthener 405 has obtained the best results in wear and tear tests.

Flagstone treatment

For flagstone treatment, Bollerup Jensen offers different types of products that can be used to clean the flagstones and thereafter impregnate them. Common for our impregnation products is that close of porous surfaces that are opened in the cleaning of the flagstones. The Flagstone Impregnation products strengthen the flagstones as well as protects the great result of the cleaning. The maintenance of the flagstones becomes easier when they have gone through the process of being cleaned and impregnated as dirt, algae, moss, weeds, and similar will have a more difficult time to attach to the flagstones.

Wood treatment

For the treatment of wood, Bollerup Jensen has three different products – Patio Cleaner, Wood Treatment, and Wood Protection. All three products are easy to apply to the area, and these three products are ecofriendly so you do not have to fear for the environment or for your own health. First, you use the Patio Cleaner to cleanse the patio, whereafter the Wood Treatment is applied. Lastly, the Wood Protection is applied which makes the wood more resistant and at the same time gives the wood a water-repellent surface.

Garden sprayers

Garden sprayers make it easy to apply Bollerup Jensen products to your outdoor areas. They exist in different sizes depending on the size of your area that needs treatment.

Outdoor cleaner

Bollerup Jensen offer two other types of cleaning product for outdoor use. Allround Cleaner can be used on all washable surfaces outside the house. The other one is a Green House Soap that can be used outside and inside the green house without harming plants and growth. Both products are easy to use and clean thoroughly.


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