Sales- and delivery terms - B2B

Sales- and delivery terms do not account for private people. Please visit our Terms and Conditions instead. 

These terms are applicable when other written agreements between the following: Bollerup Jensen A/S (seller), CVR 12 51 68 00, Bollerup Jensen Retail A/S (seller), CVR 40 18 34 85, and Bollerup Jensen Adhesives ApS (seller), CVR 34 09 14 98, and professional customers (buyer) are not existing, and are regarded as accepted by accept of the offer (agreement). 


All prices are exluding VAT and shipment unless anything else has been agreed. Reservations for unannounced price increasing and printing errors. 


For items delivered in IBC or drum an additional cost is added after existing agreement. 

Packaging is not taken back unless anything else has been agreed upon. 

If a buyer has special requirements of wishes in connection to packaging and/or labelling, this has to be announced to the seller in writing before the agreement has been accepted. 


The full amount on the invoice must in all cases be payed and be in our hands by the due date indicated on the invoice. If the purchase amount is not payed in due time, default interests are calculated from the due date at 1,5% per month of the at any time outstanding debt. 

Buyer is not entitled to deduct or withhold any part of the purchase amount because of any challenges unless this has been acknowledged by seller in writing. 

Ownership rights

Seller is reserved to the ownership right of the delivered items until payment has taked place with addition of accrued interests and costs. 

Return of items 

Items are normally not accepted to be returned and only in the case of a pre-existing agreement. The terms of a possible return will be set individually by seller. 

The buyer is responsible for shipping costs and possible transportation damages in returning. 

Shipment and delays

Shipment happens from seller’s address, regardless if seller by own employees or by external sources, according to separate agreement delivers the purchased items to buyer. 

Shipment to buyer is at cost for buyer and at buyer’s own risk. 

By a delay of the agreed delivery time with 5 works days because of seller’s reservations in any respect are considered as delivered in due time, whereas buyer has no remedies towards seller. 

If a delay in delivery is caused by seller being hindered because of a work conflict, fire, war, shortage of goods, employees, officers, or any other type of condition as well as all cases of force majeure, the delivery can be postponed as long as the impediment lasts. This is applicable no matter if the cause of the delay happens before or after the agreed upon delivery time. 

Seller is not responsible or accountable for any liability in connection to the consequences of a delayed delivery. Both parties are entitled to cancel the agreement, if the delay is more than 2 months. 

Missing items

At delivery buyer must control the delivered goods. 

If buyer wants to invoke a lack of items, buyer must immedietely after the lack has or should been noticed, notify seller in writing, where the lack/missing items is noted. If buyer does not complain as abovementioned, buyer cannot do so later on. 

Seller will choose whether the lacking item is going to be remedied, or redelivered in reasonable time and cost covered by seller. If this does not happen, buyer has the right to cancel the agreement, demand reductions in the purchase amount, or demand substitution. 

If buyer has not within 3 months notfied seller about the lacking of items, buyer cannot do so later on. 

Limitations of liability

A claim for damages towards seller cannot be greater that the invoice amount for the sold goods. 

Seller is not accountable for trading loss, loss of profits as a consequense of delays or lack of goods. 

Seller has to notify buyer in writing without any unjustified stays if force majure or any other conditions that the seller cannot control takes place. 

For the responsibility of products the existing terms of Danish law is always accountable. 

Applicable law and jurisdiction 

The agreement is subject to Danish law. The court in Herning is choosen as jurisdiction in the first court.