Sustainable Silicate Wood Adhesives

Bollerup Jensen’s long term development program for sustainable adhesives is based on silicate chemistry. Silicon is the second most abundant element in the earth crust and its value chain does not compete with edible products. Adhesives based on silicates does not contain formaldehyde and wood products made with these adhesives can potentially meet all formaldehyde emission standards.

The first version was developed for plywood and was tested both in lab scale and in industrial trials. Plywood produced by Fuma Finér met the requirements in the EN 314 (Class 1) and the EN 12765 (Class C1) standards.


View the video about our Sustainable Silicate Wood Adhesives ( danish )

We are also proud to have won the SUSTAINABLE BUILD’s Innovation Challenge 2016 for the development of a formaldehyde free and environmentally friendly adhesive for woodbased panels. More information about SUSTAINABLE BUILD’s Innovation Challenge 2016 is available here.

The project received funding from the Danish Environmental Protection Agency. Patent application are filed for the technology, the PCT phase is done and national applications are filed with positive response from the patent authorities.

We are open for co-operations with potential partners and others who might be interested.

If you want more information about the project, you are welcome to contact our Technical Manager:

Technical Manager