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Liquid Soap Flakes

Varenummer: 3894-1

We have made our popular soap flakes easier to work with! Liquid Soap Flakes are especially suitable for leather, wool wash and color-true cotton. Liquid Soap Flakes are just as good as our regular Soap Flakes, but it is much easier to dissolve in water which makes it faster to work with. 

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Keep out of reach for children.


Soap 15-30%, pH around 9,6 in the dissolution. (Fatty Acid, Palmoil), Citric Acid Aqua, Potassium Hydroxide, Potassium Chloride. 


Shake before use. 
Cleaning + Hand wash: 1/2 dl Liquid Soap Flakes for 10 liters of water.
Machine wash: 1/2 dl Liquid Soap Flakes in the soap drawer or soap ball.
Wooden furniture: 1 1/2 Liquid Soap Flakes for 10 liters of water. If it is softened water, half the dosage should be enough. 


The soap is mixed with warm water. Very dirty clothes can be left to soak for 15 min if the color can endure it. Wool and silk should never be soaked.

Icelandic wool, spun wool, and similar that cannot be greased out: Washed in a sufficient amount of lukewarm water (30-40 degrees celsius). Press the wash water through the clothes. Avoid rubbing as that can hurt the felting of the wool. Rinse the clothes thoroughly (at least 3 times) in lukewarm clean water. Centrifuge the clothes and leave it for 2 hours. Pull knitted clothes out in the right shape on a dry towel. Knitted clothes in wool can  never be left to dry in the sun, at high temperatures, or in the dryer. 

Jewelry: Clean with soap water and a soft broom. Rinse with lukewarm water and polish with a soft cloth. 

Floors: Will with time become greasy of too much soap water. Once in a while wash with a universal cleaning product. 

Untreated wooden furniture and leather: Clean and care with soap water for the best result. 


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