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Find our great selection of outdoor products here, where you will get your need filled for tile treatment, wood protection, greenhouse soap and much more.


We have assembled accessories that makes cleaning and treatments easier for you.


We have found some products and are selling them cheap in our sale!


For the best indoor climate, we have assembled our indoor products here, where you will find everything for a green household and environmentally friendly floor care.


Our liquid silicates are all unique and you will find both sodium, potassium and lithium silicates here.

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Natural cleaningproducts since 1935

One of our core products is our soap, which is used for cleaning both by private and professionals. We have been producing the soap since 1935, and the recipes have throughout the time been optimized. Although our original soap has not changed much, we still have a production of clean and originals soap, without modern chemicals and additives.

Our other core area is our liquid silicates, also called water glass. We can offer sodium, potassium and lithium silicates, which each have their own qualities. Water glass consists basically of melted sand, and is therefore natural.

We focus a lot on environmental friendliness, efficiency and product quality. Our customers vary from both private to large industrial partners. Together with our customers and business partners, we are proud to say that our products are environmentally friendly and sustainable and are based on pure natural materials.

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