• A new life to the tiles?

    A new life to the tiles?

    Our tiles are very effective for cleaning dirt and unwanted coatings. Your tiles will get a new life, by using our tile waterproofing.

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  • Extend the life of your tiles

    Extend the life of your tiles

    By using our waterproofing, your tiles will not only be strengthened, but the life expectancy is also significantly increased. When the tiles are impregnated, they are also much easier to clean and maintain.

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Working for a cleaner future

The common characteristics, for several of our products, is the green profile. We are working and developing our products, so they can substitute environmentally harmful products and processes, which are out on the market today.

One of our core products, is our soaps, which can be used by private and professionals for cleaning. We have worked a lot on the soaps, which has been developed and the recipe has been optimized for the future since 1935. All though our original soaps have not changed much, and because of this we can offer completely clean and originals soaps, without modern chemicals and additives.

Apart from our regular assortment, then we also develop on the future. Our development projects are intended, to leave a greener earth then the one we arrived at.

Among other things we can mention, is water purification, modified wood, formaldehyde glue and surface treatment of concrete.
Another one of our targeted core areas are liquid silicates. Daily, we call these for water glass, they have a good link between our products. With our liquid silicates, we also have the possibility to cover most needs, as we work with our sodium, potassium and lithium silicates, which individual has their own unique qualities. Water glass consists of melted sand, and therefore can be considered a natural project.

Proudly we can say, that our product is environmentally friendly and sustainable and based on pure natural materials. Generally, we have a huge focus on environmentally friendliness, efficiency and product quality.
We suppose we can say we work for a cleaner future!

Why choose us?

Environmentally choices

We have made a lot of choices, the most important one is our green profile. It is important to us to develop these products, so they can substitute environmentally damaging products and processes, which are out on the market today. We should all contribute to leaving a greener planet.

Developing projects for the future

We are working and Develop projects all the time, but we are also looking at the possibilities for new projects for the future. Now, we are working on several projects, which not alone can create a safer working process for the production line, but also secure our environment in the future.

Old traditions

With the feet firmly planted on the west coast of Jutland, we cherish the old traditions, even though we think ahead and new. We have worked like this since 1935. First in Tarm and then later in our current buildings in Ådum, where the traditions for a good craftmanship and environmentally choices continues. We choose to keep our soaps, just like the ones our grandmother used.

years of experience with production of environmentally friendly products.