• Silicate

    Bollerup Jensen is Denmark's only producer of liquid silicates and today we offer sodium, potassium, and lithium silicate grades.

  • Development

    Bollerup Jensen works continuously on the development of new sustainable solutions. We work in our own laboratory, but also collaborate with customers, universities, and GTS institutes.

  • Retail

    Bollerup Jensen Retail produces various cleaning and impregnation products, which are delivered under its own brand or as a private label.

See our selection of sustainable products

Bollerup Jensen currently produces various products for our partners, which we deliver under Bollerup Jensen or as a private label.

Bollerup Jensen Adhesives

Bollerup Jensen Adhesives offers adhesive systems for various industrial applications. The focus today is on adhesives for interior products. 

Natural and environment-friendly products since 1935

At Bollerup Jensen we strive to design environment-friendly soaps and cleaning products to replace the environmentally harmful products on the market.