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Bollerup Jensen’s household products are indispensable for cleaning and maintenance of the home. The household products are eco-friendly and they are very gentle toward the environment and you as they spare you the use of unneccessary chemicals. No matter if need a universal cleaning product, brown soap, or hand sanitizer, we have the product for you.

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Household products

Household products are at the center of every home, and the products from Bollerup Jensen are eco-friendly and you do not have to put neither yourself our your home at risk for toxic and harmful chemicals. You can let the children play on the floor and the pets rund around the home safely as the floor products are made from natural ingredients. The household products Bollerup Jensen can be used for anything from cleaning to polisher.

Clean and polish with one and the same

Bioboy is our universal cleaning product that can be used for furniture, gold, silver, copper, oven plates, mobile homes, and many other things. Bioboy is used with either a sponge or a cloth, and it works as a biologically universal cleaning product. You both clean, desinfect, and polish at one and the same time. With Bioboy things will become shiny and as good as new again. It does not take much time or effort to clean with Bollerup Jensen Bioboy.

Crystal Soap

Bollerup Jensen’s Crystal Soap is produced from clean, vegetable fatty acids without perfume, stabilizors or color. The Crystal Soap has many uses; it can be used for cleaning and washing concrete-, terrazzo-, and marble floors, tiles, cork-, vinyl-, and wooden floors. Besides, the Crystal Soap can be used for washing and cleaning of untreated and unpainted furniture in oak tree and pine tree. The Crystal Soap can also be used for normal cleaning of ceramic- and stainless kitchen sinks, toilets, rubber-, wooden-, and fibreglass boats as well as for work wear. It is important to notice that the Crystal Soap cannot be used on painted and fernised woodwork. There are besides a number of industrielle applications.

The Original Liquid Brown Soap

The Original Brown Soap from Bollerup Jensen can be found in liquid form and it is produced from the recipes from 1935. From the original recipe the brown soap is produced from a saponification of vegetable fatty acids and lye, and there is no additives such as a color, perfume, or stabilizors. The Original Liquid Brown Soap can be used for cleaning and washing of for example shale, brick, terrazzo, granite, rubber, cork, tiles, ceramics, untreated wood, stainless steel, and porcelain. The Original Liquid Brown Soap leaves a clear, dirt repellent soap film that will become stronger after repeated treatments.

Vegetable Soap Flakes

The Soap Flakes from Bollerup Jensen can be found in both liquid and solid form. The Soap Flakes are produced form coconut- and palm core oil without adding color, perfume, or stabilizors. The Vegetable Soap Flakes from Bollerup Jensen does not contain glycerol or EDTA, and the active amount of soap is over 80%. The Soap Flakes be used for fine washing of Icelandic wool, plastic fabrics, warm wash of color-true cotton as well as cleaning of wooden- and natural floors. Besides the Soap Flakes can be used to clean jewelry and for the care of leather furniture.


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